Bench-to-Market Life Science Provider

We support life science start-ups with a wide range of expertise, either in-house or via our network of pre-qualified experts, laboratories, CMOs, warehouses, logistic partners and affiliates.

We have the expertise needed to bring your product from the bench to the market.

Our development team will support you with Quality Assurance, Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Operations, Biostatistics, Medical Writing and eSubmissions.

Once you’re coming closer to the market, we offer customized Marketing and Business Development activities.


Join our successful 6-step incubation program and we’ll coach you all the way on your journey from “green to gold” 

As an experienced team that made pivotal contributions to the approval of several healthcare products, we know exactly what is needed to bring a new product to the market.

Start-ups can enter the program at any stage and no two projects are ever the same.


Your journey starts here. Ready to incorporate and not sure about the next steps? Come and see us, we offer an unbeatable one-stop-shop solution!

  • 1-5 founders
  • We give you some first advice for free
  • We help you apply for the Innosuisse coaching program
  • We discuss your financing options and show you how to get there
  • Our in-house notary and accountant will support you with incorporation and setting up your accounts
  • Our IP lawyers advise you on your patents and brands strategy


Our lawyer and notary will help you draft all documents and guide you through the process of incorporation.

  • 2-5 first employees
  • You can join our incubator in Liestal (rent-a-desk or full-service virtual office)
  • We discuss with you the best way to get to market approval
  • We help you negotiate a license agreement with the university
  • We help you write a business and development plan
  • We help you find Seed financing
  • We help you with regulatory strategy for EMA and FDA


Now is the time to put your plans into reality and continue with the product development. HEMEX will help you with all steps that are needed.

  • 5-10 employees
  • We help you with Series A financing
  • We set up your Quality Management System and perform (mock-)audits
  • We partner with you for non-dilutive grants
  • We support your product development with preclinical and clinical operations
  • We help you CE-mark your medical device or get positive CHMP/FDA opinion


First sales! Profit is still a bit down the road, though. Scale up is needed, but growing pains are real. We’ll help you go international.

  • 10-50 employees
  • Obtain approval in your first market!
  • We help you with Series B financing
  • We help you develop an international (transfer) pricing strategy
  • We help you develop an approval and reimbursement strategy in the 7MM
  • We help you setting up licensing or co-marketing deals


Your business is sustainable now. Your “baby” has become an adolescent and it’s time to start thinking of letting go!

  • 50-200 employees
  • We help you complementing the founder team with internationally experienced C-level executives who can guide the company through the next stage
  • We help you with market access and insight services in order to boost sales
  • We help you find strategic partners and investors with merger and acquisition capabilities


It’s time to reap the fruits of your hard work! We help you with the different options to cash in on your investment.

  • >200 employees
  • We help you implementing your exit strategies
  • Further financing via a co-development or co-marketing partner
  • Trade sale to a larger market player
  • Initial Public Offering

We invest in selected life science start-ups, in cash and/or in kind. 

We combine development and fundraising skills, to offer you a distinctive advantage when interacting with the investor community. We are a knowledgable and reliable partner for investors to oversee their financial commitment. We offer workshops with our in-house accredited Innosuisse special coach to help you with your first financing rounds.

What our start-ups say

Hemex provides Scailyte a range of services, from administrative to highly specialized regulatory and clinical development support. Working at Hemex incubator, whenever we have a question, we can immediately address it. We’re happy to continue our journey with such a trusted partner.

From the start of Resistell, Hemex supports our company in the clinical operations and also back us with its investment arm. The understanding of startup needs, makes Hemex a unique partner in our journey to the market.

Hemex has been instrumental in Annaida Technologies’ progress. They were the first to recognize our potential and acted swiftly to support us in our development. We wouldn’t be where we are without their help.

Hemex supports us in marketing and sales, negotiating with industry partners and regulations. Their team is highly dedicated and delivers always on time and in high quality. Hemex is giving us the support we wished for.

Swiss startup Advancience Fundraising

Advancience combines psychology, neuroscience, and informatics to make game-based assessments for the psychological assessment industry, both as HR tools as well as diagnostic test, e.g. for ADHD.

AMT Medical develops a unique coronary bypass system. AMT’s technique enables the bypass surgery to be performed through small holes in the chest. This device has the potential to be the new standard, with lower costs for society, fewer complications, and a faster recovery for the patient.

Annaida Technologies logo

One in 10 couples experiences difficulties conceiving a child. Annaida’s patented NMR technology gives fertility doctors the ability to perform a fast, non-invasive and quantitative embryo screening, providing patients with an improved overall IVF experience.

Swiss startup Artidis Fundraising

The ARTIDISNet platform uses a nanomechanical sensor that captures the physical properties of tissue enabling the clinician to differentiate between benign and malignant tissue from biopsies in cancer patients in under three hours.

Swiss Startup Aspivix Logo Fundraising

ASPIVIX SA is a medical technology company specializing in Women’s Health, which has developed a flagship product called CAREVIX™. This technology is  proprietary vacuum & suction-based. It is used to reduce pain, eliminate bleeding, and tissue tear during gynecological procedures requiring uterus access.

BioReperia logo

BioReperia, based in Sweden and Switzerland, offers a highly precise, humanized zebrafish model to the pharmaceutical industry, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of oncology drug candidates in vivo, getting results as early as within a week.

haako breathe asthma app logo

Haako’s holistic asthma management solution Breathe helps parents of children with asthma. Allowing parents to track and better understand their child’s condition, they can make informed care decisions that achieve better patient outcome for children and less stress to parents.

Swiss Startup Emovo Logo Fundraising

Emovo Care SA has developed the world’s first portable hand orthosis to support care-at-home after a stroke, the Emovo Hand. This product provides a natural sensation of moving the hand to hemiparetic stroke patients to practice functional, comfortable, and intensive exercises directly at home. Emovo’s connected solution will enable to motivate and measure patients’ progress to maximize the outcome of care.

ender provides rapid and reliable testing kits for acute COVID–19 capable of diagnosing multiple samples at once and within just 30 minutes. These tests can be used in hospitals as well as right on-site.


GeoHealthApp logo

geoHealthApp GmbH developed an App that has the potential to stop the spread of COVID19. An interactive map shows areas with high infection rates that can be evaded by the user. Based on anonymous smartphone location data and AI, users learn if they have been in contact with infected people during the last 14 days. The Beta Version has been launched in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and USA.

Swiss startup GeneLook Fundraising

GeneLook allows patients suffering from rare diseases to access their DNA profile using their smartphone, using it for personalized healthcare and health alerts. In exchange, GeneLook’s business model will also give pharmaceutical companies access to this data to develop new therapies.

Swiss Startup hexagonFab Logo Fundraising

HexagonFab’s team has developed a new generation of biosensors for rapid and highly sensitive analysis of biomolecules like antibodies, proteins, and small molecules. This award-winning technology, based on graphene nanomaterial, allows pharmaceutical researchers and production staff to monitor biomolecule quality directly at the production line, which offers a $1B market opportunity.


Swiss Startup HiD imaging Logo Fundraising

Hi-D Imaging AG aims to revolutionize the cardiovascular sector by making personalized heart valve replacement therapy a reality. The world’s first AI-based pre-operational planning platform that assesses different heart valves for the patient‘s specific anatomy before the surgery. This technology increases the life quality of the patient and the success rate of the surgery.

Swiss Startup Inura Medical Logo Fundraising

Inura Medical developed a urethral suppository with an approved pharmaceutical agent to help patients  who are suffering from two highly prevalent and disabling health disorders: overactive bladder (OAB) and nocturia.

Swiss Startup LiVET Logo Fundraising

LiVET develops and produces rapid molecular point-of-care diagnostic tests for the veterinary market. Based on LiVET’s proprietary platform technology, veterinarians can diagnose infectious diseases and parasites directly on-site within just 30 minutes. The test kits run on commercially available devices that enables the user to test up to 16 samples at once. This allows for immediate and specific treatment. The first test panel for respiratory diseases in horses includes Strangles, EHV 1+4 and Influenza and will be available in 2020.

Swiss Startup MOMM Diagnostics Logo Fundraising

MOMM Diagnostic’s patented technology is used to early detect a biomarker for pre-eclampsia (PE), a pregnancy disorder that can have devastating effects on the health of the mother and the unborn baby. Affecting 5-8% of all pregnancies, pre-eclampsia is a rapidly progressive and potentially deadly condition.

Startup PreComb Logo Fundraising

PreComb Therapeutics AG is developing the first point-of-care solution for clinically relevant drug testing, influencing patient-derived 3D microtissues for drug development and precision medicine. With this technology the entire process of generating a high number of drug efficacy data can be fully automated, allowing the establishment of a clinical network and a scalable razor blade business model to finally guide therapeutic decisions.

Resistell logo

Resistell’s life-saving technology is based on the detection of movement caused by living bacterial cells and provides information on which antibiotic should be used to treat the patient, and the concentration at which it should be administered.

Swiss Startup Scailyte Logo Fundraising

Scailyte’s multi-disciplinary team is applying a data-driven approach to discover novel biomarkers and develop a new generation of precision diagnostics based on single-cell data and AI.

Swiss Startup Sleepiz Logo Fundraising

Sleepiz’s diagnostic device uses millimeter wave technology, sensor fusion, and machine learning to measure vital signs in a contactless and medical grade manner at home, completely changing the way disorders like sleep apnea are diagnosed.

Swiss Startup Stimit Logo Fundraising

STIMIT develops a non-invasive medical device that enables ICU patients to breath by stimulating diaphragm contractions, therefore creating natural breath instead of pumping air into the lungs with a machine. With this new therapy, the breathing muscle remains active and strong.



At Hemex we are dedicated to helping startups succeed. We partner with exceptionally motivated experts from business and life sciences, providing a combined knowledge platform with a considerable potential for new businesses.


Healthcare Management Experts

Each of our associates can rely on several years of specialized experience in the Life Science industry. In order to support your project from its inception to a future exit, we cover a broad area of expertise, ranging from clinical, quality and regulatory operations to financial, legal and business development.

We have 3 Innosuisse Coaches in our group: 1 Lead Coach and 2 Special Coaches (Intellectual Property and Fundraising & Investor Relations), so we can offer you all the support you need under one roof.

Medical / Ra







Hans Zulliger Quality QP

Quality & QP


Digital Media

Dr. Philipp Marchand

IP Consultant


IP Consultant

Digital Media


Business Coach





Medical Innovation

Market Insights






Sales Scale-up

Sales Representative
(ender diagnostics)

Twice 50-70% or once 100%

Location: Bern (Switzerland), we support home office

Candidate Profile
  • Customer oriented and business minded
  • Independent and self-organized
  • Fluent in English and at least one other language (written and oral)
  • Preferably but not necessary a background in life science, biology or similar
  • You support our fast-growing company in the sales process and become part of our global sales and customer relations team.
  • Your goal is to sell enders’ rapid SARS-CoV-2 test kits and support the clients during and after the sales process.
  • As part of the sales team, you work directly with our Chief Business Officer and are responsible for a specific customer portfolio.
Our Offer

ender diagnostics provides rapid and reliable PCR testing solutions for SARS-CoV-2. The tests can be implemented in laboratories and when needed, directly on-site. This makes enders’ testing kits the perfect solution for cruise ship operators to national health agencies across the globe.

The position is perfect for an ambitious graduate that quickly adapts to a fast-moving company.

17th of August, 2020

Permanent employment

How to apply

Send all relevant information to:

Sales Development Representative




Candidate Profile

• Convincing personality (d/e) with great sales talent
• Affinity to horses, the veterinary field and the target group
• Enthusiasm for our philosophy, rapid tests and animal welfare
• Extremely independent, keen to travel and results-oriented team player


You support the market entry of LiVET and build up contacts with veterinarians, animal clinics and large horse stables in several European countries. You will inspire them with LIVET’s rapid tests and win them as customers. You look after LIVET’s customer base and represent their company in the daily busi-ness. At trade fairs you help to promote LIVET’s brand and actively build up new sales channels.

Our offer

• a great team (currently 22 people) connected in a common goal
• a steep learning curve in a highly dynamic start-up
• short decision-making paths
• much room for independence, responsibility, and own ideas
• personal and professional development

How to apply

Contact and application
Kathleen Sweet, Tel.: +41 (0)31 552 07 17
Complete application by e-mail to: jobs@li.vet

International Sales Representative

Location: Linköping (Sweden)

Candidate Profile

BioReperia is looking for a highly motivated person with a passion for life science and drug development that is service oriented, problem solving, and love to deliver high quality. With a structured way of working you should be able to manage projects and to assume the responsibility for delivering results. You have a PhD within the medical field or an MD, and preferably previous experience within project management and/or sales and maintaining customer relationships. You have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and good communication skills in Swedish. Other languages are highly appreciated. You are curious and inquisitive, love to learn and are social and like networking.

As their new international sales representative, your work will be challenging and fun and will make you grow together with the team. You should therefore find that it is exciting to work in a start-up company with lots of market opportunities. You have the ability to prioritize your work, you have a flexible way of working and like to coordinate projects and have a genuine interest in sales and marketing. You prefer to express yourself and communicate in a pragmatic and pedagogical way that is customized to your target group.

The role includes frequent international travels.


Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Working directly with new customers, establishing initial contact to evaluate BioReperias offer.
• Finding innovative ways to help their clients to answer key business questions through their research offerings.
• Starting and maintaining partnerships within drug discovery and precision medicine.
• Collect, analyze and report insights within our CRM System that may have impact on the sale pipeline.
• Develop professional relationships, build advocacy and gain contributions of medical experts/ decision makers for future products within precision medicine and companion diagnostics.
• Provide scientific information for conferences and partner meetings.
• Participate in strategic discussions and activities important for the development and growth of our company.
• Maintain clinical, scientific, and technical expertise in relevant Immuno-Oncology/Oncology disease areas.

The work responsibilities may vary depending on your background

Our Offer

BioReperias vision is to reduce cancer mortality by improving patient diagnosis and accelerating drug discovery. BioReperia has developed an innovative solution to cut the time and cost of finding the right anti-cancer treatment to right patient within a week instead of waiting up to six months. The product is already on the market, globally, to accelerate drug discovery for the pharma industry. The company has four employees, all with a PhD, and has its laboratory and office in Linköping. BioReperia is now expanding its team for a growing market within drug discovery and launch of the product within precision medicine.

How to apply

Your application is very welcomed. They apply continuous selection during the recruitment. If you have questions about the recruitment process, you are welcome to contact the responsible recruiter Lena Johansson at 0708-52 32 36, or lena.johansson@skill.se

If you have questions about BioReperia and the role, contact CEO Lasse Jenssen, lasse.jensen@bioreperia.com

Senior ML Engineer / Researcher

100% Remote

Candidate Profile

Who you are
(Minimum qualifications)
• You have a master’s degree in a quantitative discipline (e.g. physics, computer science, mathematics, computational biology)
• You have 4+ years industry (R&D) experience in designing, prototyping, and implementing scalable and reproducible end-to-end machine learning solutions (from research to production). Candidates with an academic background and a strong record in applying machine learning to real-world datasets are equally encouraged to apply
• You have expert knowledge of Python and are familiar with at least one deep learning framework (e.g. Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch)
• You have a high degree of independence and an aversion to micromanagement
• You thrive in interdisciplinary environments and have excellent cross-team communication abilities. In particular, you are able to clearly convey technical concepts at a level appropriate for technical and non-technical audiences
• You are curious, inquisitive, collaborative, with a deep appreciation for diversity
• You are fluent in English (full professional proficiency)

Preferred qualifications
(In addition to the minimum qualifications above)
• You have a doctorate degree in a quantitative discipline (e.g. physics, computer science, mathematics, computational biology)
• You have a solid understanding of the foundational theory underlying machine learning (e.g. linear algebra, probability theory and numerical optimization)
• You have expert knowledge of at least one additional scripting languages (e.g. R) and of bash/shell scripting. Experience with hybrid R/Python frameworks and object-oriented programming is considered a plus
• You have demonstrated experience with building deep learning models (real-world project portfolio and/or publications)
• You have educated opinions about the designs of ML solutions, both from formal education as well as real-world experience. You are able to clearly and effectively expose such opinions and concepts to other team members and are a strong proponent of constructive dialogue
• You take pride in developing ML solutions and in documenting the data products you build together with the team
• You have experience with processing, analyzing and modeling sensor data/time series data
• You are familiar with cloud computing and development / test / production environments
• You are familiar with experimental design

EU/UK residents seeking a full-time remote position are strongly encouraged to apply. Sleepiz is an active proponent of gender equality in STEM. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


What you will do

You will work within the data science team to devise scalable and reproducible end-to-end machine learning solutions for sleep analytics. Your main focus will be research and development, combining dynamic experimentation, a passion for details and a fail-fast attitude. You will also be responsible for translating research output to production systems, in close collaboration with the software team and
other stakeholders. Finally, given your key role within the team you will have the opportunity to mentor and inspire junior data scientists/interns.

Our Offer

Who are we?
Sleepiz AG (Ltd.) is a Zürich based startup with the aim to enable the medical community to take healthcare into the home environment. Sleepiz is the winner of the EIT Venture award (2019), Venture.ch in digital health (2019), DeVigier (2019), EU – H2020 Seal of Excellence (2019), Start Summit (2019), EIT award in digital health (2018), Innosuisse (2018), EU – H2020 SME Phase 1 (2018), silver winner in the Mass Challenge Switzerland (2017) Accelerator program and is ranked as the most promising digital health startup in Europe.

What Sleepiz offers
Sleepiz is a dynamic, interdisciplinary, highly skilled team that is passionate about sleep. They foster a fun and energetic start-up culture in a relaxed environment. As a part of their dedication to the diversity of our workforce, thei offer flexible working hours together with a high degree of self-responsibility and freedom. Sleepiz provides performance-oriented compensation and equity ownership.

How to apply

Your application

Do you feel like your skillsets match our needs?
Do you have what it takes to join our young and dynamic team?
Do you want to be part of the ground floor of a company that is going to take the sleep industry by storm?

Send over your CV and cover letter to career@sleepiz.com

For more information, visit their website HERE.

DSP Engineer Intern

6.5 Months

Candidate Profile

• You are pursuing a Masters or PhD in Physics, Electrical Engineering or a related field (you need to be registered as a student in a Swiss University to be eligible)
• You have strong fundamentals in signal and systems (analysis in both continuous and discrete domains)
• You have knowledge of frequency domain algorithms (Fourier transform, wavelets transforms, etc.)
• You have a strong mathematical foundation
• You have programming experience with either Python or MATLAB
• You have a high degree of independence, while at the same time, are able to effectively collaborate cross-team
• You have excellent communication skills and are able to convey technical concepts clearly
• Experience with radar signals and multi-antenna signals (beamforming and MIMO) is a plus
• Knowledge of analog, digital and mixed circuit design is a plus
• Machine learning algorithms (SVM, Random forest, Neural networks, etc.) is a plus


What you will do

Sleepiz is seeking an intern for a period of 6.5 months starting 1st October, 2020. This internship is an industry academic project with Innosuisse. You will participate in a project in collaboration between Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) and Sleepiz.

You will work to develop robust algorithms for vital signs estimation. Your main focus will be to investigate strategies to estimate and characterize breathing and heart rate patterns for processing a doppler radar signal. You will work to implement, test, maintain, and document the best-performing algorithms in enterprise grade code, in close collaboration with the rest of the signal processing team members and other stakeholders.

Our Offer

Who are we?
Sleepiz AG (Ltd.) is a Zürich based startup with the aim to enable the medical community to take healthcare into the home environment. Sleepiz is the winner of the EIT Venture award (2019), Venture.ch in digital health (2019), DeVigier (2019), EU – H2020 Seal of Excellence (2019), Start Summit (2019), EIT award in digital health (2018), Innosuisse (2018), EU – H2020 SME Phase 1 (2018), silver winner in the Mass Challenge Switzerland (2017) Accelerator program and is ranked as the most promising digital health startup in Europe.

What Sleepiz offers
They are a dynamic, interdisciplinary, highly skilled team that is passionate about sleep. They foster a fun and energetic start-up culture in a relaxed environment. As a part of Sleepiz’s dedication to the diversity of our workforce, they offer flexible working hours together with a high degree of self-responsibility and freedom. You would have ample collaboration opportunities in a truly cross-functional team.

Total: CHF 2700 per month
(Salary: 2000 per month incl. 15% social security + 20% overhead CHF)
Sleepiz is an active proponent of gender equality in STEM. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Your application

Do you feel like your skillsets match our needs?
Do you have what it takes to join our young and dynamic team?
Do you want to be part of the ground floor of a company that is going to take the sleep industry by storm?

Send over your CV and cover letter to career@sleepiz.com

For more information, visit their website HERE.

Senior Data Scientist


Candidate Profile

Required Skills and Competences:
● PhD in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology, or alternatively in a related quantitative field with experience in biological data analysis. A masters degree with 7+ years of relevant experience would also be considered.
● Solid expertise in Python programming; experience with R would also be an advantage.
● Experience in implementing machine learning algorithms. Experience with deep learning frameworks, in particular Pytorch, is a plus.
● Experience working with biological and/or clinical datasets. Experience analyzing high throughput single-cell datasets such as scRNA-seq or CyTOF is a strong plus.
● Good knowledge of best practices in scientific software development, including version control and testing. Development experience in a regulated environment would be a plus.
● A high degree of self-motivation and drive, enabling independent analysis of complex problems. Ability to handle multiple priorities to tight deadlines.
● Strong ability and willingness to teach juniors and collaborate with other teammates.
● Excellent communication and presentation skills – able to clearly explain and contextualize results to non-technical stakeholders (in English).


● Develop and benchmark cutting-edge algorithms for single-cell data analysis, interpretation and visualization.
● Develop innovative methods for integrating single-cell data with other types of data such as clinical, lifestyle, and bulk genomics.
● Analyze single-cell data from clinical collaborations and external customers to discover novel biomarkers.
● Clearly communicate results in oral and written form to internal and external teams.
● Follow machine learning and single-cell analysis trends and publications in order to identify, define and prioritize new features for our platform.
● Contribute a technical perspective to company strategy development, while aligning priorities to implement strategic decisions.
● Operate effectively in a matrix organization; collaborate on specific projects with the Biomedical Science and Business Development teams.
● Mentor junior team members and interns, promote best practices in data science and software development.

Our Offer

What Scailyte offers:
● Work in a multi-disciplinary and international team at the interface of biomedical sciences and medicine
● Swiss-based employment contract
● Competitive compensation and participation in the company’s stock option plan


Company description:
Scailyte is a globally recognized, leading startup, spin-off from ETH Zürich. They focus on AI-driven single-cell analysis to make groundbreaking discoveries as well as reveal disease-specific biomarkers, enabling new avenues in precision medicine and personalized therapy. Their approach comprises three key pillars:
● High-quality biomedical data sets in disease areas with unmet need for early and accurate diagnostics, generated through excellent project design, and execution in partnership with top clinical researchers.
● Targeted and sensitive algorithms to extract clinically relevant insight, integrated into a proprietary data analytics platform through continuous development, and application of most appropriate technology.
● Industrialization and adoption of our ultra-sensitive biomarkers, through an established and growing network of top clinicians, and industry leaders in diagnostics and pharma.

How to apply

Applications shall be sent to careers@scailyte.com

For more information, visit their website HERE.


Our contact details

Office addresses

Hemex AG
Kasernenstrasse 30 | 4410 Liestal | Switzerland 

Hemex Germany GmbH
Marie-Curie-Str. 8 | 79539 Loerrach | Germany

Hemex, LLC
4800 Hampden Lane Suite 200 | Bethesda, MD 20814 | USA

E-Mail addresses

Hemex AG

Hemex Germany GmbH

Hemex, LLC

Telephone contact


Mo-Fri 09:00-17:00 CET, our headquarters can be reached under (+41) 61-927-28-00.


Mo-Fri 09:00-17:00 CET, our EU office can be reached under (+49) 1512-568-48-92.

United States of America:

Mo-Fri 9am-5pm Eastern Time, our team in Bethesda MD can be reached at (+1) 301-500-1535.

Outside business hours your call will be forwarded.


24/7/365 emergency phone numbers: 

(+41) 79-833-73-30 (Switzerland) 

(+49) 1512-568-48-92 (Germany)


Hotel Engel: 2 min. on foot (ask for preferred HEMEX rate)

Hotel Bad Bubendorf: 10 min. by car

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