The Top 16 for the W.A. De Vigier Award Are Announced!

Gora Conley Annaida presenting for deVigier 2020 swiss starups awards

After the Top 60 selection day for the W.A. De Vigier Award on February. Today the Top 16 were published. In the coming weeks the W.A. de Vigier jury will select the Top 10, based on expert reports, business plans, assessments and another presentation the winners will be announced at our Award Ceremony on June 3, 2020.

We are particularly proud to see Annaida, LiVET and Juvabis being in the Top16!

Top 16 Swiss startups for DeVigier Award 2020

About the W. A. De Vigier Foundation

Since the foundation’s establishment in 1987, the goal of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation has been to actively invigorate business development and further provide direct financial support (à fonds perdu) to young people with innovative business ideas wishing to build performance and growth oriented businesses in Switzerland.

The great track record of W.A. de Vigier Award winners is particularly notable in the Top 100 Swiss Startup ranking: The top spots are regularly occupied by previous W.A. de Vigier Foundation Award winners.

More information: De Vigier website

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