Financial Support


At HEMEX, we’ve set ourselves the goal to contribute to a better healthcare, by making senior expertise available at affordable rates for start-ups and spin-offs in the healthcare business.


Part of this strategy is to re-invest a considerable proportion of our proceeds in promising life science companies. In close collaboration with private investors and family offices, HEMEX participates in seed rounds with lower-range 6-digit amounts. With an investment horizon of 5+ years, we usually also contribute our share of financial support to the following rounds, on condition of achieving pre-specified value-inflection points.


Furthermore, we are open to investments in-kind, meaning we accept payment for our services with shares, warrants, or stock options.


Thanks to our extended network of partners, we are able to help you secure non-dilutive public funding and research grants in the European Union and Switzerland. Talk to us to discuss your options.


As an active investor with relevant development experience, HEMEX  is usually represented on the Board of Directors.


A few examples of our recent commitments