Today, Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer committed support for Swiss start-ups. Start-ups that need financial support should get in contact with the canton in which they are incorporated.

Maurer: “Start-ups are particularly affected by this crisis. In the coming years, it will be an advantage for Switzerland to remain competitive in innovative industries. These companies don’t need money for two to three months; they need long-tem financial security over a period of several years.

Start-ups that need support should get in contact with their canton of incorporation.The cantons know their start-ups and are therefore best placed to evaluate a company’s needs and potential. Companies that have viable ideas will be supported – a third of the sum is provided by the canton, two thirds are provided by the Federal Government. Initially, the Federal Government will make CHF 154 million available for this program. This way, we are not offering short-term relief, but we will be creating a long-term solution, based on existing laws. We are looking ahead and will use this money to replace investors who may have reduced financial capacity due to the effects of the crisis. It is also important to note that the money will flow immediately. We will be able to pay out the first amounts at the end of April.”

For the last nine years, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has named Switzerland one of the most innovative countries in the world. Switzerland doesn’t just invest in innovation, but also generates exceptional results.

At Hemex, we welcome this decision by the Federal Council and see this decision as a very positive sign of confidence. The Federal Government has clearly recognized the seriousness of the situation, demonstrating that it understands the challenges Swiss start-ups are facing, and giving a clear signal how important it is to provide support to start-ups and foster innovation!

Startups, apply for the W.A. de Vigier Award now!

W. A. de Vigier swiss startup award winners 2019

The W.A. de Vigier Award is the oldest and highest endowed prize for startups in Switzerland, giving away five awards of CHF 100’000 each. Applications are open until January 6th.

Since 1989, the foundation has distributed over CHF 11 million of seed money, resulting in more than 90 thriving Swiss startups, successful IPOs, multiple company exits and many newly created jobs. 

This year our portfolio company Sleepiz AG – with their revolutionary sleep disorder-screening device – was announced as one of the award winners.

For online registration follow the link below:

https://devigier.chW. A. de Vigier swiss startup award winners 2019


The ELANA Heart Bypass System Workshop

Elana Workshop Horizon 2020 AMT Medical and Hemex

The HEMEX team participated in a workshop organized by AMT Medical at the UMC Utrecht (Netherlands) in the first week of December. A team of world-renowned cardiac surgeons demonstrated the application of AMT’s ELANA (Excimer Laser Assisted Non-occlusive Anastomosis) Heart Bypass System on a beating porcine heart on LifeTec’s innovative cardiac simulator platform.

The ELANA Heart Bypass System is a uniquely designed surgical device, that connects a donor bypass vessel with a recipient coronary artery in a simplified procedure on a beating heart, without the need for arresting blood flow or complex hand suturing.

The SAFE-CAB clinical trial is designed to demonstrate safety and efficacy of minimally invasive CABG surgeries using the ELANA technique, in order to establish it as the new golden standard to obtain standardized, reproducible anastomosis and thus substantially improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union and the Grant Agreement (GA) No. 869922.



HEMEX expands to China

Hemex CEO Pascal Winnen joined a visit to Henan China technology park

On 14th November 2019, our CEO Pascal Winnen signed a cooperation agreement with the Luoyang Science and Innovation Park in Henan, China’s most populated province.

Under the Agreement, HEMEX will support the property developer Forton Group with attracting innovative Swiss startups for its newly built 133’000 m2 life science park. In exchange, HEMEX and its clients will get access to Henan’s 108 million population to conduct clinical trials and receive governmental support to accelerate preclinical and clinical development projects, as well as granted access to significant non-dilutive research funding.

A big thank you to Dr. Robert Sum of the Standortförderung BL for leading this very efficient economic mission.


Future Day at HEMEX

consulting career options life sciences startups

Today we are celebrating the Swiss national Future Day by welcoming school children into our Liestal offices.

Every year hundreds of Swiss companies and institutions open their doors to 5th -7th grade school children so they can get a glimpse of the working world end expand their career horizons. Our colleague Syed Rafiq Hussain was happy to share insights into our exciting work with startups and different career options in life sciences industry.

consulting career options life sciences startups


HEMEX awarded Horizon 2020 grant

career options in consulting life sciences startups

The European Commission has awarded a consortium led by AMT Medical including HEMEX with a 2.2 MEUR grant under its “Fast-Track to Innovation (FTI)” program.

Under the proposal HEMEX will plan, coordinate and execute a multicentric, pan-European study in order to obtain CE-mark for the Excimer Laser Assisted Non-occlusive Anastomosis (ELANA) Heart Bypass System in Patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (CABG), with the goal of achieving market approval in less than 36 months.

For more information on the progress of this life-changing therapy, please contact If you need advice on obtaining non-dilutive funding, help with writing your proposal, or forming a consortium with experienced partners, get in touch with us.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union and the Grant Agreement (GA) No. 869922.